Cheryl Zahniser


As a young child, drawing gave me such immense pleasure and joy, so of course I was bound and determine to be an artist.  Art has the power to connect people on a deep emotional level and I strive to make work that allows the viewer to find moments that speak and connect to them.  

I love the use of color and light. For example, my landscapes capture the beauty of nature that is both realistic but with an abstracted twist of bold, spontaneous uses of color. My portrait work on the other hand, I work hard to best capture the sensitivity, emotion, and the essence of the subjects.  

Whether I am creating abstract pieces or more representational work, I am passionate to explore this world and make a positive impact though my art. 

Thank you for your time and supporting the arts.


Cheryl developed a passion for drawing as a young girl in a small town outside of Portland, Oregon. Through grade/high school She applied her creativity at every opportunity. Cheryl attended the University of Oregon and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Painting in 1975. Instructor Frank Okada, famous Northwest abstract painter, painter Ralph Baker and portrait artist Alan Hammer all influenced her work.

After graduation, Cheryl worked as a illustrator and graphic designer in Portland Oregon. She moved to Seattle and worked in the fashion advertising field and retired 24 years later. After retiring Cheryl studied with a variety of artists, like Nickolas Wilton, Steven Assael, Bo Bartlett, and Pilchuck Glass School expanded her artistic horizons taking sessions with glass artist KeKe Cribbs, Capps Thompson, Dick Weiss and Susan-Stinsmuehlen-Amend.

Cheryl enjoys creating and exploring a variety of direction in her studio in the SODO area in Seattle, Wa.


2020 SENSE US ArtXchange gallery Mar
2020. Capers Group Blue show. Jan/Feb
2020 Brighter Future, Ethnic heritage gallery, Jan
2020 Brighter Future. Sea. Arts & Culture Nov
2019 Brace Point Gallery Seattle Wa. March
2018 Capers Sept/Oct Abstract show
2018 Wood River Valley Studio Artist Tour Aug 18-19th
2018 Micheal Birawer Seattle, Wa. July
2018 Brother Joes, Seattle Wa. April
2018 Micheal Birawer Gallery, Seattle, Wa Feb
2018 Alexis Hotel Gallery, Seattle Jan
2017 Group Abstract show Capers, Seattle Dec-jan
2017 Art Windows Bremerton, WA May-Aug.
2017 Vela solo exhibit "High Art" Seattle WA May-June
2017 Jars Juice Abstract show/Seattle WA May-July
2017 Alki Arts Black History Month/ seattle Wa
2016 Capers Sept/Oct show Seattle Wa
2016 Mayors Gallery solo show (May) City Hall, Seattle. WA
2016 Alki Arts Black History Month Seattle WA.
2015 Alki Arts on !st Ave, Seattle, WA.
2014 Capers Seattle ( Sept/Oct)
2014 Pilchuck Glass School Gallery, Stanwood, Wa.
2014 Alki Arts at the Harbor Steps, Seattle, Wa.
2014 Capers Seattle
2014 Far 4 Seattle Wa.
2013 Alki Arts, July Seattle, Wa.
2013 Alki Arts, Black History Month. Seattle, Wa.
2012 Far 4, Nov. Seattle, Wa.
2012 Pilchuck Auction Gala, Seattle, Wa.
2012 Alki Arts Gallery, Seattle Wa.
2012 Museo Gallery , Langley Wa.
2012 Blue Heron Gallery Vashon Island, Wa.
2012 Dulces Bistro, Seattle, Wa
2011 Caper's, Seattle, Wa.
2011 Museo Gift invitational, Langley, Wa.
2011 Pilchuck Auction Gala
2011 Museo Gallery, Glass Invitational, Langley, Wa.
2010 Ezmaralda Gordon Gallery, Sun Valley, Idaho.
2010 Rosen Gallery, Seattle Wa.
2010 Museo Gallery, Langley, Wa.
2009 Museo Gallery, Langley, Wa.
2009 Steel Gallery, Seattle, Wa.
2009 Steel Gallery, Seattle, Wa.
2009 Pilchuck Auction, Live auction, Seattle, Wa.

2023 Wing Luke Auction March 
2022 Wing Luke Auction March
2019 Wing Luke Auction March
2018 PIlchuck Glass Auction
2018 Wing Luke Auction March
2017 Wing Luke Auction March
2016 Pilchuck Glass Auction
2016 Wing Luke Auction
2015 Pilchuck Glass Auction
2015 Wing Luke Auction (March)
2014 Pilchuck Glass Auction
2014 Wing Luke Auction (March)
2013 Museo Gallery, Langley Wa.
2013 Pilchuck Glass Auction
2012 Pilchuck Glass Auction
2012 Aritist Trust Auction
2011 Horizon House Studio tour/Portrait demonstration
2011 Pilchuck Glass Auction
2010 Pilchuck Glass Auction
2009 Pilchuck Glass Auction ( Live auction)

2016. Seattle Gov. acquired landscape painting
2016. James W Ray nominee
2016- ethnic roster artist.
2012-14 Storefront Seattle ( amazon campus Mar.)
2009 Corning Award nominee at Pilchuck Glass School
2008 Best-of-Gage-Academy 3rd Place, portrait category

2019 Mural for Cafe D'Arte new North Terminal Sea Tac Airport.
Various private portraiture, glass works and still life commissions

Emeritus Board of Advisors 2014-2016, board chair 2012-2014
University of Oregon School of Art and Architecture.
Served on the Pilchuck Glass School, Board of Trustee

Self portrait