Cheryl Zahniser

Process & Pricing
Process & Pricing For Commission Portraits

If you have reached this page...congratulations, you're considering a portrait for yourself or someone close to you.
I like to begin this process with a simple conversation, either over phone or in person if you’re in the Seattle area. This conversation allows me to understand your thoughts and desired out come regarding your portrait assignment.

Will this portrait be for yourself or someone else?
What is the mood would like to capture?
What style is most appealing?
Where do you plan to hang this painting?
Will this be for a special occasion?
What is your timeline? Etc.
These types of questions will help ensure we are heading in your desired direction.

Once we have an agreement, I’ll send you a recap of the key points and a determined timeline. At this time a 50% deposit will be paid, with the remaining expense paid upon completion. I’d be happy to help with organizing framing/shipping, however this would be an additional cost.

Depending on your preference the portrait could be done in person, where the subject would either sit at my studio or I could travel to a location of your choice. I would ideally have you sit for 4, 20 minute sessions with 5 minute breaks.
During which I would take a series of photographs for references or If the subject is not available for a sitting, I'd be happy to work from a variety of reference photos that capture the individual.
For this process I will compose a rough pencil sketch to show you for your approval and feedback

Prices vary depending upon the size, subject matter and style of painting I’m happy to work with you and your budget. Below are examples of composition and estimated pricing. These are only examples, the portrait does not have to consist of these styles.

Head & shoulders, Half length, ¾ length
and Full length

Oil Painting ( pricing below is a rough estimate for a single portrait )
8x10-9x12 $500-700.00
14x16-16x20 $750-1000.00
18x24 $1200.00
20x30 $1800.00
30x40 $2500.00

Charcoal Portrait:
8x10-9x12 $300-400.00
14x16 16x20 $475-875.00
18x24 $900.00
30 x 40 $1800.00

Fired enamel on glass:
Small 5x7-9x12 $500-700.00
Med 12x16 $800.00-1000.00
Large 17x20 $1500.00
24x30 $2500.00

Additional sizes are available
Framing, shipping is an additional fee.